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Five-Star Hotel has been one of my most successful singles on Bandcamp in less than a month, being my third most played ever there! Thank you so much!

It's also available here on Newgrounds, give it a listen!

Also, I'm releasing a cover of Super Mario Odyssey's Jump Up, Super Star! in early November! Please stay tuned!

My new Hotel-Mario inspired song FIVE-STAR HOTEL is out now!


Chapter I is one year old today! + next album info

2017-07-15 21:03:23 by pedroanderson

My debut album Chapter I completed one year since its release today! Up to this day I am really proud of this album and what it eventually became! If you haven't listened to/purchased it yet, you can do HERE:

The five songs of the album are available here on newgrounds! You can listen to them here:

Also, track 4, Trapped In A Void (Unknown Land), reached far over 1k plays here, becoming my most played song ever! Thank you so much :D

OK, now, about "Chapter II"... I can say it won't be called like that. That's for sure.

I can't say much else about the album yet, but I can say that I aim for two things:

1. it will be longer than Chapter I, much longer

2. I want to release it still this year.

It is currently on recording process. I'd say it's around 50% done? Yeah.

In any case, even though I can't wait to share what I've been doing for so long with you all, I'm taking my time with it, I want it to be the best album I can make. Patience please!!!!!!!

That's what I have to share for now. Stay tuned! :D

I don't recall any of my songs getting this much at such a short period of time, thank you so much!

Today is Nintendo Switch launch day, so, please listen to Switch It to get in the mood! 



Switch It is out!

2017-02-24 17:07:49 by pedroanderson

My new song, inspired by Nintendo's new console, SWITCH IT, is finally here!


My new song, inspired by Nintendo's upcoming console, the Switch, is coming out tomorrow, in nearly 24 hours! The song is called Switch It. Just look for this cover by tomorrow ;)


Yep, now my debut EP Chapter I is available for listening on Newgrounds! Please enjoy:


Also, here's the mix for Horizons that was released as the third single of the album:

Support me by purchasing the album on Bandcamp HERE!



New video is out!


Here it is, my debut as a director and a screenwriter finally got English subtitles!

This is the first episode of Fallacy (Falácia in Portuguese), discover, in its 3 episodes, who killed Professor Manoel and what were the reasons behind this mysterious murder!

Next episode coming next Friday :)


A new series in my channel, AREA 128!