Chapter I is one year old today! + next album info

2017-07-15 21:03:23 by pedroanderson

My debut album Chapter I completed one year since its release today! Up to this day I am really proud of this album and what it eventually became! If you haven't listened to/purchased it yet, you can do HERE:

The five songs of the album are available here on newgrounds! You can listen to them here:

Also, track 4, Trapped In A Void (Unknown Land), reached far over 1k plays here, becoming my most played song ever! Thank you so much :D

OK, now, about "Chapter II"... I can say it won't be called like that. That's for sure.

I can't say much else about the album yet, but I can say that I aim for two things:

1. it will be longer than Chapter I, much longer

2. I want to release it still this year.

It is currently on recording process. I'd say it's around 50% done? Yeah.

In any case, even though I can't wait to share what I've been doing for so long with you all, I'm taking my time with it, I want it to be the best album I can make. Patience please!!!!!!!

That's what I have to share for now. Stay tuned! :D


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