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Today is the LAST day for you to get my new single, Horizons, for free! Listen and download it if you haven't:

Also, if you haven't listened to Chapter I, the album Horizons is from, listen to it right here!


<a href="">Chapter I by Pedro Anderson</a>


So, I released the third single of Chapter I, Horizons, last friday. And I gotta say, I never got this number of plays in a song this, fast, ever. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you guys enjoyed Horizons and keep listening to it! It's one of the most special songs I've ever written to me, it means a lot to me, and I'm so glad that it's seeming to be my biggest ~success~ (lol) so far. Here's to many more!

As far as single releases from Chapter I are concerned, I think I'm done, no more single releases from the album are planned. I mean, out of 5 songs, 3 singles is already more than enough. I have other music projects in the making that when it's time, I'll talk about them. For the nearest future, though, I have some non-music projects (outside from Newgrounds though) that I'll definitely be debuting them very soon :)

So, I think that's it for now. If you haven't listened to Horizons yet, you can do it down below! It's available for free until this friday :D



It's finally out! The third single from Chapter I, a special mix of Horizons, is out! I hope you guys enjoy this, it's one of my favorites of the album and I'm really proud of the outcome of this mix!

Reminder that Horizons - Single Mix will be available as a free download until 8/26, so don't miss out!


(1 DAY) Horizons teaser!

2016-08-18 18:02:29 by pedroanderson

Here it is, a 1-minute teaser of the single mix for Horizons! It launches tomorrow, at this same hour :)

Listen to the album the original version is from, Chapter I, in the meantime HERE!


YEEEEEEEEEEP! Track 5 from Chapter I, Horizons, will be getting a single mix this Friday!

For a week from its release (meaning from 8/19 to 8/26), this mix will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD! Don't miss out!

While Friday doesn't come, listen to the original version of Horizons here!

Tomorrow I'm releasing a snippet of the single! I hope you guys enjoy what's coming!


Here I am, back with some more info about the third single from the Chapter I EP!

So, the single is uploaded in both here and Bandcamp, just waiting for me to click the Publish button ;) 



Only Youtube and Soundcloud left!

Gotta wait until Friday though :/ I really wait can’t wait to share this brand new mix with you all!

Tomorrow I’m revealing what song was chosen for this special single mix. Any guesses? In the meantime, listen to the Chapter I album!


Here I am, back with more info of the third single of my EP, Chapter I, coming August 19!

So, the single won't be just taken from the album and call it a day. The song chosen has received some special treatment, getting a whole new mix. Here's some info I can say so far:

  • The arrangement has changed: this mix has its drums and percussion emphasized
  • Some new vocal arrangement has been done as well
  • But it's not like I completely transformed the song: it still has the overall identity from the original version. However, I believe it's a whole new take on it.

Here's a sneak peek on its production. You have any guesses of what song this is? Try listening to the album for you to have an idea!



(5 DAYS) New single coming Aug 19!

2016-08-14 18:01:51 by pedroanderson

Exactly what's in the title! The third single from my debut EP, Chapter I is coming this Friday, August 19! Just five days until its release!

From today until the release, I'll be doing daily posts about information on the single release.

Here's a pic of a snippet of the project here at Newgrounds. Only the song is left to upload. Do you have any idea of what song it is?


Hello everyone! Here, I wrote down a list of trivia from the development and creation of my debut EP, Chapter I. If you haven't listened to it, here it goes! Hope you enjoy it :)

<a href="">Chapter I by Pedro Anderson</a>
  • The album is called Chapter I because it's my first album (don't tell me), and because I feel it's the true beginning of my life in music, even if I released a few songs some years ago on the internet.
  • It was nearly entirely recorded on March-May 2015, with the exception of Horizons: its background vocals were recorded back in 2012, by my singing teacher at the time.
  • The project originally had nine songs, and was called Quest To Infinity. One of the four cut songs shared its title with the album. Why I cut these songs? I felt my vocals, melodies and lyrics weren't good. I do like the instrumentals I made for them, though, and might use them in future projects. When did I cut them? After releasing the first single.
  • The gap between the release of Self-Destruct and Going Away as singles (5 months), and then the gap between Going Away and the album (9 months) is because I was unsure on how to release these songs after cutting those four songs. Going Away was released at a time I planned to release all five songs separately.
  • If I went through with this plan, Robot would be the third single and released probably in April 2016.
  • By the time I recorded it, Going Away had a completely different instrumental, with no synthpop elements. I changed it for its release because I truly hated it after revisiting it to edit the song.
  • Going Away had a working title of This Is It, and became This Is It (Going Away) until I decided to release it.
  • Robot almost was released as (Sounds Like) I Am A Robot, but I kept it as Robot because the other title was too long. (but Trapped In A Void (Unknown Land) isn't, right? Go figure)
  • Self-Destruct was originally called Self-Destruction Program back when I was writing it.
  • The "Unknown Land" in the title of Trapped In A Void (Unknown Land) was added because of how many times those words are repeated in the song.
  • Horizons probably has the longest story. Back in my earliest album projects from when I was a teen, a song named Horizons Of A Love was listed. I also wrote the chord progression back then in my grandmother's piano. (it was originally going to be a piano ballad)
  • Ultimately, I changed it to a electronic, triphop ballad, wrote its lyrics and did the first recording of it in 2012. In 2015, I recorded it once again with revised lyrics.
  • The ocarina solo in it is inspired by the usage of the instrument in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
  • While I'm talking about inspirations, here's a Spotify playlist of songs that inspired me in the making of Chapter I.

That's it! Stay tuned for information on the release of the third single!

Chapter I is getting one more single!

2016-08-08 18:16:25 by pedroanderson

After Self-Destruct and Going Away, my debut EP Chapter I is getting one more single, still this month! The song is already 100% decided and preparations for its single release are underway as I speak.

Next week I'll have more news about it, so stay tuned ;)

If you haven't listened to it yet, here's Chapter I! Do you have any bets on what song will become a single?

&lt;a href=""&gt;Chapter I by Pedro Anderson&lt;/a&gt;